Patti Stockdale

Hope, History, And Happily Ever After

Patti Stockdale

His Treasured Bride


After recently arriving in Vancouver Island on a bride ship, aspiring seamstress Daisy Harper is determined not to rush into a hasty and quarrelsome marriage, a mistake her parents made. To avoid choosing the wrong man, she creates a rigorous list of ten requirements for a potential husband.

Mapmaker Seth Ryann moved to the colony to assist his partially blind brother, a local missionary. They’ll soon return to Ireland, but first, Seth is tasked by a friend to find a treasure of gold hidden in the mountains. Seth has the map to the treasure, but he’s missing the key.

When he discovers Daisy somehow has the key, the two agree to search for the treasure together. They’re left with little choice but to quickly enter a marriage of convenience. As they venture into the wilderness and work together to overcome danger, an undeniable attraction grows. But will they find the treasure only to lose what matters most?

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What People Are Saying

“Three Things I loved about this book: 1. I fell in love with Arno and Hattie. 2. The sayings and songs of WW I: I found myself singing ‘Over Here, Over There’ and I want to join a knitting brigade! 3. The promise of more books by Patti Stockdale. I want more!”

– Debbie Macomber, New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author

“Charming and moving, Three Little Things tells a sweet story of two wounded souls. Hattie and Arno are appealing characters, and their personal growth and their building romance will draw you in. The novel also sheds light on women’s roles on the Home Front in WW I and the persecution of German-Americans, something rarely discussed. With touches of both humor and depth, this story is a keeper.”
– Sarah Sundin, best-selling author
“A beautiful story, beautifully told. Patti Stockdale’s debut marks her as an author to watch!”
– Roseanna M. White, author
“Three Little Things is a beautiful, sweet war-time romance. The letters will melt your heart.”
– Kimberly Woodhouse, best-selling author
“Patti Stockdale’s debut novel Three Little Things pulls readers from one chapter to the next until they turn the final page. With compelling characters, historical charm, and a finely-honed plot, this historical romance earns my highest recommendation. I eagerly await more compelling fiction from Patti Stockdale.”
– Shelly Beach, Christy, Selah, Reader’s Favorite, and Golden Scroll Award Winner
“Patti Stockdale brings the beauty and sacrifice of the World War I era vibrantly to life with her debut novel. Brimming with longing, courage, and romance, Three Little Things will whisk you away and leave you yearning for more. A truly stunning debut!
– Tara Johnson, author of Where Dandelions Bloom
“Patti Stockdale was inspired by her grandparent’s WW I love letters. The result is her debut novel Three Little Things. Stockdale’s powerful attention to detail reflects hours of research depicting the reality of life during WW I. It chronicles the lives of Iowans Arno Kreger and Hattie Waltz and how they kept connected by letter writing. Stockdale’s deft storytelling effortlessly weaves from the letters to the action showing how war affects not only those headed overseas, but also the ones left behind. Three Little Things is a definite ‘must-read.'”
– Mary Jedlicka Humston, coauthor of Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink