Old Media

Bio: Patti Stockdale loves hope, history, and a good happily ever after. She can’t remember numbers, so she married a statistician. Thanks to him, she’s lived all sorts of places and worked all sorts of jobs. While employed by the NFL, she once answered the phone with the wrong team’s name. She doesn’t work there anymore. For 11 years, she directed the programming at a nonprofit senior center and hosted an annual talent show, rocking a Dolly Parton wig, Annie Oakley boots, and a sweet—although snug—Batman costume. She no longer works there either. These days, Patti writes books and occasionally educational assessments and magazine articles. Please visit her at www.pattistockdale.com. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and tell her, hello!

Represented by: Linda Glaz, Hartline Agency

For more information: Contact Patti at pattistockdale@pattistockdale.com

Possible interview questions:

  • What inspired you to write Three Little Things?
  • What are the three little things?
  • Does the book mirror your grandparents’ story?
  • Why did you choose to write about the WW I era?
  • Was it challenging to write about the war?
  • Was the research intimidating?
  • What’s something learned from writing this story?
  • Can you tell us what you’re working on now?